• Addressing the unique needs of older adults and their families.

  • Addressing the unique needs of older adults and their families.

  • Addressing the unique needs of older adults and their families.

Elder Abuse Advocacy

Elder abuse is a serious problem affecting hundreds of thousands of vulnerable, older adults. Reported cases of elder abuse are increasing rapidly. Although true national incidence and prevalence rates of elder abuse are unknown, various studies and surveys have attempted to capture the size of the problem. For these reasons and more, Dr. Gibson has dedicated her academic and clinical work in the area of elder abuse and mistreatment, serving on several local, regional, and national boards focused on improving research efforts, and the detection and prevention of elder abuse. At the individual level, Dr. Gibson provides assessment and expert testimony in cases of suspected or confirmed abuse. She has written on the subject, trained law enforcement investigators and Adult Protective Services case workers on best responses and forensic interviewing techniques unique to older victims. Dr. Gibson strongly believes and embodies a multidisciplinary and community approach to combatting elder mistreatment and providing safe harbor for victims so that they may live the best life possible.

Assisting with the Needs of Aging Families

Caregiving is an important aspect of family life. The act of caregiving is a reciprocal experience that begins with parents caring for their children from birth and throughout a large portion of their lifespan. Typically, but not until later in a parent’s life, the care shifts from being the primary caregiver to a recipient of care. The transition in roles and the impact on family relationships is a complex one. However, embedded within the complexity, lies hope and extraordinary opportunity for deeper levels of understanding and support. Dr. Gibson is trained in family caregiver therapy, assisting the unique challenges of family role transitions and transitions of care, in addition to assessment and interventions focused on supporting the family system.


There is hope in aging.
With the number of people over the age of 85 being the fastest growing segment of America’s population, we have an opportunity to discover new ways of thriving during the 20-30 years following retirement. Loneliness and isolation should not be part of the normal rhetoric for describing the third chapter of life…let’s discover the potential, together!

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